Saturday, August 31, 2013

Waterproof Ham HH

Brian bought a Handheld HAM radio with external antennae.  We will use it aboard RD, Buttercup, and in the car :-).

Isn't it adorable! All the marine frequencies are already programmed in, there is like 280 channels on the marine band!

Switching to poo.
We are so happy with my makeshift composting head, we decided to rip out the existing head and go with the dry composting set up. The permanent set up will be enclosed in a teak bench. Brian will rip out the head and hoses on Monday. I'm doing one big write up, so will post when project complete.

Here is the temporary dry head. You add a little peat moss to start the composting process. No smell, except for an occasional whiff of earthy dirt. :-) I also have a handful of cedar shaving to keep the bugs at bay.


  1. Real interested in the Airhead install I am planing on doing the same thing soon, I also have a 34 (314)
    I also need to replace the screens on port lights

  2. Will keep you updated!! Having issues with posting comments.. :-(