Friday, August 26, 2011

More boat logo ideas

My niece made this during our quest to find the perfect logo.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our boat logo! And Getting my health issues outta the way

Our boat logo, we hired a graphics guy to do the logo but it just wasn't right. So I took the silhouette of kaela he made and designed the rest. I found the mermaid silhouette online. This is the one we chose for our boat graphics, boat cards, and we are even using it for our wedding invitations ( nov 5 th save that date!)

My health:
Well I am really starting to find my mojo, still a bit slow and easily tired but all and all feel more like myself...kinda sorta. Been having strange dreams about rescuing animals. Every night my dreams are filled with caring for animals that are in need, one night it's an octopus, the next a squirrel . I think it is my nursing psyche trying to get back into the swing of caring for my patients, gotta start small with animals then work my way up to the humans :-). I've been gone for 5 months! And my brain has been tampered with, I feel a bit unprepared to go back into the stresses of life and death decisions. I definitely want to slow down. I loved working at the heart and vascular institute, the nurses and doctors are just amazing, I still have so much to learn from them, sigh.

Brian and I are going to take a trip and when we get back I will sit down a figure out if I want that high stress but satisfying reward ( and great pay to help the cruising kitty), or if I want to slow it down and take my nursing career in another direction.

We are back aboard! I am now healthy enough to be left alone, I even drove to the store all by myself! Brian has been installing our new alpinglow lights...sweet

For those still in the dark my official diagnosis it is autoimmune lyphocytic Hypophysitis . I did have pituitary tumors which were benign, they were probably causing some of my symptoms, but the big whopper was the ALH.