Saturday, December 17, 2011

The latest

My surgery was successful in eradicating the tumors and the autoimmune attack on my poor pituitary. The latest MRI shows no reoccurring inflammation, in fact it was unremarkable, a word I have come to love when reading my brain scans :-).
We will be in Katy aboard Buttercup for the holidays and then hopefully back to the boat to do repairs and a fun trip. Below is a picture of our two homes, we hope to travel many miles in both :-).

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Since my surgery I have had a real problem with light sensitivity. Being in the sunlight, even with a hat and sunglasses can be like a spike being driven in my skull. Thus, I've had a love hate relationship with the sun. This comet Lovejoy has captured my heart. Skimming the suns atmosphere, barreling into a place few dare to tread, and thumbing its nose at the great beast ( though he lost his tail). You inspire me to do the same.
Godspeed oh great comet, live long and prosper :-)

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