Monday, July 15, 2013

Hanging Out Aboard Rain Dog

Went down to Rain Dog for the weekend. Scupper LOVES the boat and seemed immediately at home.

Brian, in his happy place :-)

A fish was munching on our waterline uh er buildup. scupper is always ready to make a new friend

We spent the weekend working out head issues and planning her haul out. Not sure if we are taking Rain Dog to House Of Boats or over to one of Kemahs self service boat yards for the rudder, keel, and seacock maintenance. I'd love love to do the seacocks rebuilds, but we will see how I'm feeling.
Brian may drop the mast too, and get the rigging and associated hardware replaced.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer 2013...

Well, we are still in Austin, Rain Dog is still in Port Aransas, I'm still trying to recover from my surgeries, and Brian is still awesome :-). We live in Buttercup, our big RV was too much.

Buttercup at the very very happy. . 

Brian and the boys were supposed to move Rain Dog to Kemah and put her up for sale but we just cannot do it, dagnabbit, we love that boat. 

What was pushing us to sell was wether I can take the active life of cruising. But now that I'm cured, and getting stronger, I think I can handle it. I'm getting so much better in fact, I went sailing just yesterday on Lake Tavis. We anchored out and swam in the nice clean warm water. Plus, my new physical therapist has decreed that I must swim two times a day, she said, in a rather militant voice, "Erika, you must act like a mermaid, swim, swim, swim!" She didn't know I was a total water fanatic. It is so like God to make my path to recovery a watery path :-). 

Below: Sailing on Lake Travis aboard our friends Catalina. The water is down 60ish feet! Island are popping up everywhere.

Plus, our new pooch, Scupper. He loves the water, boats, sailing, rarely barks, and is just the sweetest thing. At the helm is our friend and sailing buddy Joe.

Scup is happy, healthy, and pretty fearless. Except, he does fear windshield wipers... We can accidentally jibe the boat, no prob, thunder and lightning striking all around, no prob, but a swipe of the truck's wapdappers( that is what he calls em) and scupper is running for Brian's arms. Oh well, we all have our quirks.

We have a big wedding in August, my nephew is getting married. :-). The bride and groom are lower left and right.

Until it cools down, we will focus our energy on Buttercup, making her boondock ready ( thats "anchor out" ready for you sailors out there). Then we hope to get back on Rain Dog's refit. I finally got Brian to agree to ditch the PVC water and holding tank covers for fiberglass( yippee! ).

I also hope to start working as an RN this fall. I want to take an RN refresher course since the brain surgery left me with a few memory gaps. But the up side, I was tested for hours and hours to see where I stand and my cognitive skills and intellect are intact, my IQ squeaks in at "superior intelligence" :-). So that gave me the hope to be able to be a nurse again. 
Brian is very happy at his new company 'The Advisory Board'. He is a rock star computer programmer, doing some pretty cool coding. He works at home a lot too :-).