Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some pictures I found on my iPad.

I keep loosing sailing pictures, so decided to post as many as I can, as I find em.

Offshore, on a rowdy Gulf of Mexico. This is yacht tigger, my parents old boat.

Below, me in the kayak, out on Clear Lake, Texas.

Sunset in the Atlantic, aboard a Little Harbor Yacht.

Leaving Stewart Florida, aboard Yacht Tigger. We were headed for Texas.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nother Blog?

Here is a link to our summer trip blog, so we don't crowd Rain Dogs blog with a bunch of landlubber stuff, which can be quite eye glazing to some sailors ( no offense to the dirt dwellers ) :-)
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain Dog

Brian and I decided that we just can't sell Rain Dog, every boat we looked at
fell short to RDs qualities. Plus the thought of starting over on another boat sends me reeling! So Brian and I pinkie swore not to let our eyes wander to other boats. This winter I will restore her interior wood, new cushions, and paint her bilges, and Brian will do a refit of the mast with new tangs and rigging :-) sweet. Now that we have the RV we can start the boats refit without trying to live aboard, this has been one of our biggest obstacles up to date. Wonder why we hadn't thought of an RV before!

I am getting better, slowing, but surely. I'm pretty good in my home setting and familiar places. But new situations do get me stressed, which is crazy to me. I'm a nurse, I used to thrive on new situations, LOVED to learn and see new things. Brian thinks it is just a matter of time and I hope he is right. Recovery is not as painful now, but it seems just as hard. But don't cry for me Argentina! I live a pretty spoiled life with a very loving husband, family all around. Yep, spoiled rotten.

I wish I could post our itinerary for this summer, as soon as I figure out how to transfer the map I will. Probably no trips in Rain Dog except down to Port Aransas. I'm still not seaworthy :-) but hopefully next year I will be, then it's Caribbean for us!

Kaela is doing well, she prefers land life. I think she will be even happier in the bigger RV. Though I think we might have to make a ramp to allow her to get in and out without our assistance.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Land life

We are in Georgetown, right next to Brian's parents RV and my parents RV is right next to them. It's great to have them all nearby, one big RVing family :-).

Brian and I have decided to go play in the RV for a few months, go see some mountains and streams, and some deserts too( my favorite!). Having said that, full timing in Buttercup is just too small for us so we are buying a big beast of an RV(29 footer) and we will be selling Buttercup ( actually already sold to friends) and selling both, yes both, boats!

I'm a little nervous about being boatless, I don't do well without the ocean nearby. So as soon as we get back from our land cruise we will start shopping for a trimaran. We really love the dragonfly but they are a little out of our price range, but maybe we will luck out and find a used one at a good price. We will stay in the Caribbean for a few years, then if we decide to go big blue water ( southern ocean, pacific) we may go back to a deep draft monohull.

F-31 trimaran, good sailor, may be a bit too race oriented for us.

I also really really like the Searunners trimarans, though they are fixed wings. I hope to find a vented wing around 34 feet, they are beautiful cruising tris.

So will update ya with our latest coordinates and adventure. My health is getting better and better, the sunlight sensitivity and migraines are still an issues but that too is getting better :-). I can't wait to be a sunshine girl again! Brian is wonderful, he keeps me laughing, and hopefully I keep him laughing too.


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