Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Land life

We are in Georgetown, right next to Brian's parents RV and my parents RV is right next to them. It's great to have them all nearby, one big RVing family :-).

Brian and I have decided to go play in the RV for a few months, go see some mountains and streams, and some deserts too( my favorite!). Having said that, full timing in Buttercup is just too small for us so we are buying a big beast of an RV(29 footer) and we will be selling Buttercup ( actually already sold to friends) and selling both, yes both, boats!

I'm a little nervous about being boatless, I don't do well without the ocean nearby. So as soon as we get back from our land cruise we will start shopping for a trimaran. We really love the dragonfly but they are a little out of our price range, but maybe we will luck out and find a used one at a good price. We will stay in the Caribbean for a few years, then if we decide to go big blue water ( southern ocean, pacific) we may go back to a deep draft monohull.

F-31 trimaran, good sailor, may be a bit too race oriented for us.

I also really really like the Searunners trimarans, though they are fixed wings. I hope to find a vented wing around 34 feet, they are beautiful cruising tris.

So will update ya with our latest coordinates and adventure. My health is getting better and better, the sunlight sensitivity and migraines are still an issues but that too is getting better :-). I can't wait to be a sunshine girl again! Brian is wonderful, he keeps me laughing, and hopefully I keep him laughing too.


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  1. How exciting! The good ole USA has a lot to explore, and I'm sure ya'll will have a great time. Glad to hear you're improving all the time, and we look forward to hearing about your land adventures ... then your new boat!

  2. Regaining your health and enjoying everyday is what you seem to be pursuing. It has to be difficult parting with your boats, but then again, they are only a means of travel. Your adventure will be just as rich and rewarding whether by land or by sea. We look forward to hearing about your travels!