Saturday, November 9, 2013

Switching to WordPress


I've moved our blog to wordpress. Hopefully this will be a better app for my tablet (iPad). I want to switch to a kindle, get away from the trappings of apple, apparently wordpress is good for kindle too. Some of my biggest issues with blogging on a tablet are: posting vids and pics, and replying to comments.

Anyways, blog will be under construction and discombobulated now and then as I find my way around. Some posts I'm working on are:

Custom composting head

The perfect doggy pee mat for life at anchor and underway.

Slip covers and a little help for the old tired cushions

Snubber, following in Estarzinger's wake :)

Radio cabinet for the nav station

Lifeline netting and weather cloths to help keep pooch aboard.

Cheap cockpit mosquito netting, it ain't pretty, but neither is a mosquito bite!

Replacing the Pacific Seacraft dorades with low profile solar vents

Winter projects

Replacing the Hatches, Bomar series 100

Bottom job, hull repair, seacock rebuilds.

Monitor wind vane refit ( really just cleaning, lubricating, and replacing lines :) )

As you can see, we are grooving right along with the boat projects. Now that I have a better blogging app, I will try to catch up.

The picture was taken heading up the ship channel near Port Aransas, Texas.