Saturday, November 9, 2013

Switching to WordPress


I've moved our blog to wordpress. Hopefully this will be a better app for my tablet (iPad). I want to switch to a kindle, get away from the trappings of apple, apparently wordpress is good for kindle too. Some of my biggest issues with blogging on a tablet are: posting vids and pics, and replying to comments.

Anyways, blog will be under construction and discombobulated now and then as I find my way around. Some posts I'm working on are:

Custom composting head

The perfect doggy pee mat for life at anchor and underway.

Slip covers and a little help for the old tired cushions

Snubber, following in Estarzinger's wake :)

Radio cabinet for the nav station

Lifeline netting and weather cloths to help keep pooch aboard.

Cheap cockpit mosquito netting, it ain't pretty, but neither is a mosquito bite!

Replacing the Pacific Seacraft dorades with low profile solar vents

Winter projects

Replacing the Hatches, Bomar series 100

Bottom job, hull repair, seacock rebuilds.

Monitor wind vane refit ( really just cleaning, lubricating, and replacing lines :) )

As you can see, we are grooving right along with the boat projects. Now that I have a better blogging app, I will try to catch up.

The picture was taken heading up the ship channel near Port Aransas, Texas.


  1. Hope the new site works out better for you.

    Looks like you have a nice list of projects. Looking forward to reading some of them.

  2. Aw, what's that about? I followed your lnk, only to be told you deleted that site already!! The WP app works great for me, when I remember touse it!

  3. I'm on it!! Didn't know there was a snag. I'm struggling with my iPad.

  4. Erika, I found your writings about how you made the canvas canopy and other awnings. do you have photos that could help me make similar? thanks