Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brian bought me flowers again (sigh) he is so sweet.

OK enough of the boring hair stuff back to the boat work. Brian and I have ramped up our departure dates to 18 months!!!

Some project are:
rebuilding all stuffing boxes
canvas dodger with rainfly
new VHF antenna
new head
new foam mattress
cushion covers
rebuild windlass

We are also adding spice racks in the galley, shelves in the storage compartments to add capacity. Pretty much the rest of the to do list can be done along the way. We also need to build up our spares for the engine and rigging. We want to be a bit minimalist, at least start out that way, then see how it goes.

Today Brian and I organized and cleaned Rain Dog, tomorrow we will work on Ocean Girl to get her ready to sell.

Locks Of Love

What he cut off weighed over a half a pound!! BUT my hair did a funny thing, and it surprised my hairstylist, it started to stand straight up. So we had to rethink the hair cut strategy, out with a bob and in with a pixie (short pixie too). We will tweak it over the next few months because it is rather boyish, but I love it.
Since I cut off all my blond I now have mousy brown hair, so tomorrow is my hair color appointment to blond it up until the summer sun can do it el natural.

Will post a final results picture for all to see :-)

This short hair is perfect for cruising, it dries so fast, reqires very little shampoo, and is easy to style.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off with her Head

Actually, it is her hair that is coming off (gulp). Will let you know how it goes (with photos). Alecia, I know you think I am crazy but ever since I discovered Brian loves short hair I have plotted the demise of my long locks.

The big plus is my hair is long enough that I can donate it to Locks of Love!!! This will be the comfort as I am crying myself to sleep tonight...a little girl with cancer can have a pretty blond ocean girl wig.

If anyone wants to cut their hair (and it is longer than 10 inches) LOL can use it!! Here is their link. Locks Of Love

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brian and I took Rain Dog over to my marina (Waterford) to use the free pump out and to haul Ocean Girl's (the girl) stuff to storage. We looked like the Clampetts.

My whirlwind romance with Brian did not allow an official move off of Ocean Girl and on to Rain Dog, I just became a part of Rain Dog and her crew. This Saturday Brian and I cleaned out Ocean Girl of all personal items, it was a bit sad and a bit stressful, but it is finally done. Please don't think that I want to keep her or wish anything else than what I have now, my happiness is complete. After a good cleaning she will go to the broker dock at the marina. What a great boat she was for me, she really kept me sane and grounded, and was a great friend.

A northern blew in last night, Brian had to coax Kaela to go for her morning walk. Yes I bought her a sweater, much to Brian's chagrin.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

West Texas Road Trip

We wanted to take the boat for a nice 4day trip but a northern hit (drat!). Not feeling like freezing our butts off we deemed a road trip was in order.

Leaky Texas..Beautiful!

Brian and I smooching (as usual) around a camp fire.

Brian and I hiking out in west

..and we took a break for a little smooching :)

Dang Texas is perty!