Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brian and I took Rain Dog over to my marina (Waterford) to use the free pump out and to haul Ocean Girl's (the girl) stuff to storage. We looked like the Clampetts.

My whirlwind romance with Brian did not allow an official move off of Ocean Girl and on to Rain Dog, I just became a part of Rain Dog and her crew. This Saturday Brian and I cleaned out Ocean Girl of all personal items, it was a bit sad and a bit stressful, but it is finally done. Please don't think that I want to keep her or wish anything else than what I have now, my happiness is complete. After a good cleaning she will go to the broker dock at the marina. What a great boat she was for me, she really kept me sane and grounded, and was a great friend.

A northern blew in last night, Brian had to coax Kaela to go for her morning walk. Yes I bought her a sweater, much to Brian's chagrin.

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  1. Sounds like an exciting year ahead. Congrats on finding your love and we wish ya'll the best!