Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hammin It up

We got our Ham license this last weekend. I took the test for a tech, and Brian took tech and general. We have an Icom 725, which I thought was SSB but is a strait up Ham. We do not have an antenna rigged yet, so still looking at options. Brian is making a radio cabinet this next weekend.
Will update when installed 

Took the armature radio test over in Burnet, Texas. Drove Buttercup to Inks Lake State Park right outside Burnet, but didn't get a chance to look around. The HAM Folks were really nice and very knowledgable. We are going to pop up there in a month or so for an open house. Pretty cool aye? Bunch of nerds talking Propagation and solar storms :-).

This weekend we will be aboard Rain Dog. We hope to construct the frame for our composting head. I'll spare you the details, actually, I won't spare you :-). Will post when project complete, so gird your loins, we're gonna talk about poo.


  1. I've been a Ham since high school (18yrs or so). There's so many different aspects of amateur radio that appeals to a large variety of folks. I'm not as active as when I was a kid but I still enjoy tuning around the bands and giving someone a call some time.

    Have fun!

  2. When we are up and running we should " make contact" ... Right term? FCC hasn't posted our call signs yet..:-) fun stuff.

    1. Sounds good. my call is W4ABN
      My equipment is packed right now but I am sure I can get it working fairly quickly if I'm available.

      BTW: Cruisers Forum as Rhapsody-NS27. Drop a line if you like. ;)

  3. Very good post. Hope you have call sign by now and have made some "contacts".