Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scrubbing Teak and Ramblings

Scrubbed the exterior of the boat today as Brian replaced the shower sump system down below. The teak on Rain Dog was especially dirty because I'm the only one allowed to touch it ( queen varnesha's rules). So, the teak has sat and gotten dirty, while we were trying to save my health, save me. 

Today, a nice breezy but hot day, I was finally able, finally strong enough, to clean the boat and the teak. I was finally healthy enough to do a boat project, from beginning to end. The teak wasn't the only thing neglected, poor Rain Dog was looking rather bedraggled, my illness had taken it's toll on the boat as well. But there was something so cathartic about scrubbing off all that dirt from the teak, scrubbing away the grime. Sounds like a cliche, but I felt like I was scrubbing away more than dirt and rinsing away more that what was on the teak. Scrubbing away the bad memories of the last couple years, scrubbing away all the fears, the unfairness of it all. 

But now, here I am, standing on her beautiful decks. The boat bobbing in her slip, the marina buzzing with activity. Here I am, scrubbing the teak. I feel such joy. I laugh, I can't help but hear Brian down below, singing and talking to the dog :-), " Scupper, I need some longer 3/4 inch hose", "Scupper, where is my screwdriver?". There was harmony aboard Rain Dog, both of us working and doing. Both of us finally back where we belong. 

So many days of feeling the ocean, the boat, slipping away. But now, the simple act of scrubbing teak, it will be a while before I take it for granted.


This is the part where they tell you to relax. Of course being a nurse, and an OR nurse to boot, I know too much to relax :-)

Me, after my last and final surgery. Now I can relax :-) ( Cedar Sinai in LA) 


Back aboard Rain Dog. 


Nice and clean. The teak still needs some work but it shaping up. The grain is still too deep, which attracts dirt. When I first started to work with this teak the grain was like the Grand Canyon! I have lots of bungs missing too. I think one more good sanding after the bung repair and then a bit of seasoning with oil and saltwater baths, then it will be good to go. I like to keep the exterior teak bare. The teak likes it, Brian likes it, and I like it too.


Brian also installed our new beautiful Alpinglow lights..sweeet!


And I removed all our screens from the ports. These screens are made by Schooner Bay, very good quality but our ports are of irregular sizes so they ever quite fit right. Now, after a couple years, they seem to have some corrosion along the edges, so schooner bay wants me to send them back to inspect and repair. Great service! I had a set of Schooner Bay bronze screens on my Cape Dory 30, they were a work of art! Not loving these black ones on Rain Dog. May have to start from scratch, first will see what Schooner Bay says.


  1. Love this post! Wiping away the dirt on Raindog was sure to be therapeutic. Glad you're back in the groove and life is treating you well!

    Love the cartoon saying too!

  2. Thanks, lets we if this blasted iPad will let me leave a message.

    Thanks for the encouragement. When are your tentative plans for Bahamas? We were think Exumas. We are taking a HAM class this weekend. Still major list to do on Rain Dog, but at least I can help now :-). Next weekend is Lifeline Netting for the pooch, and weather cloths after that. Anyways, thanks for keeping in touch. Hope to see you out there :-)

    Sent from my iPad~~~ I wuv it!!

  3. OMG it worked! I cracked the code to post comments!!