Sunday, January 13, 2013

I fell down the rabbit hole :-)

Well, can't believe how long it's been and how much has happened since our last post. I'll try to catch you up without boring you to death :-).

Summer 2012 Brian and I went land roaming. My doctors said I needed time to heal( I had brain surgery for those just tuning in :-)). So we headed north, camped in the great Wind River mountains of Wyoming, explored the miles and miles of deserted beaches of Lake Superior. We then headed towards the east coast to John Hopkins for some more medical tests. My health was not improving, in fact, I was deteriorating. John Hopkins was able to DX a CSF leak. Cerebral Spinal leaks will cause all sorts off issues. This leak was caused or occurred because of the brain surgery. There are few specialists who have success repairing leaks of this nature. Cedar Sanai in Los Angeles, California specializes in CSF leaks. So off to LA we went. Thankfully, we have a friend who lives 9 miles from Cedars :-). The surgery was major, but it has completely cured me. My poor brain and body have been through the ringer, so lots of Physical therapy to get my strength back.
Through out all this crazy ride, my hubby Brian has been wonderful. It funny how many great times we have had while battling my health issues.
Brian and I are planning to get back to Rain Dog to complete her refit. We will head to the Bahamas for our next sabbatical, hopefully in December-January this year :-)


  1. So happy to hear you're on the mend. I can't imagine how miserable you must have felt with your CSF leak. The good news is that you're a hottie with short hair (great pic of you and Brian). Hope all the best for you both in the new year and look forward to your posts from the Bahama's on Rain Dog!

  2. Erika, I'm so glad to hear that your recovery is behind you and you're feeling better! Looks like ya'll have been having a great time camping. Either by land or sea, traveling is always a great adventure!