Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Since getting an ipad, I am unable to respond in the comment section on my own blog!! So I'm posting this so I can talk to my peeps :-)

I have been asked where I found the poem below. I thought the grammar and typos gave it away

but to be clear, I wrote the poem " I Miss The Ocean" :-) thanks so much for the kind words.

It is funny. Well, no not funny, more like surreal. When I am unable to get the words out properly, whether speaking or writing letters on a page, it had always seemed so easy, but now. Sigh.
I am grateful for the kind comments, it tells me more, more than my poem does really. It tells me that my synapses were firing just right and jumped the many hurdles it must jump and navigated around my mess of a brain and somehow it came to rest in the welcoming arms of a coherent thought. And of course we know what's best for conductivity of the brain..
..salt water :-)

Erika and all her aliases
Ocean Girl
Mrs. Rain Dog

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  1. Exatly, I also have a difficult to extern the feelings that I want to expose in words in my blog, or in a letter, or making a text, poem, music (I wish).
    But keep the good job.
    Nice dog BTW. We are planning have one sweet dog on board too.
    Hugs from Cristina and Pieter.