Friday, June 22, 2012

I Miss The Ocean

I miss the ocean
I feel the distance, the earth between
I'm told the mountains will speak to me.
Maybe they will.
Maybe I will hear that beautiful whisper
That beautiful snap crackle
But I miss the ocean

I can't get those fish out of my mind,
I close my eyes and there they are.
The water is a clear green blue
There are three sandbars running parallel out to sea
One just a little deeper then the next
The fish swim between the sandbars like its a highway.
They zoom on by, all going the same direction, together
Beautiful green blue water
Sagrasso seaweed drifting and dancing about
School and schools of these beautiful fish
Silver with black tips on their tails and fins
And big wide eyes
As I move closer, they continue gliding between the sandbar,
marching together
I know it may sound silly, they are just fish, little silver fish
But I am drawn to them
I stop at the edge of their ocean highway
they slow their busy journey and look at me,
each peer at me as they slowly swim by,
It's as If they see ME, know ME.
but they look right at me,
all these silvery fish meandering by.
I say hello.
My voice quiet and hushed.
I feel silly, standing here on this sandbar
with the sun shining down on me,
the blue green water lapping around my waist.

And I should feel silly
saying hello to a school of fish,
but it seems rude not to
One fish, way far out in the deep jumps out of the water,
Is running from something?
always a bigger fish
I look around but see nothing.
Just the endless march of silver fish
They keep swimming by,
thousands with the same inquisitive eyes
I am drawn to go with them.
I step in closer and they surround me,
I feel like I'm being swept out to sea.

It feels so natural to lose myself.
to lose the land and gain the sea,
so natural.
I look back at my husband
He is sitting on the beach watching me,
he is further that I expected.
My wonderful husband,
Dreamy brown eyes
he should be out here with me
to see the wonderful odd behavior
of me or of the fish, I'm not sure which.
he should be here too.
To be swept out to sea with me,
but he has the dog, she cannot swim in this surf.
I wave at him.
His eyes, even from this distance I can tell they have never left me.
I say goodbye to my friends and slowly make my way to shore, to land,
to my husband and our little dog.

Since then, I just cannot get the fish out of my mind,
I can still see them, they spoke to me,
It was a whisper that reached deep into my soul.
Silly little fish.
Silly little me.
They wanted to remind me where I belong.

It's hard to believe it will be months
till I see my salty friends again, till I see the ocean

I don't belong here, this hard ground,
dusty, no water, no sound.
but maybe that is the point,
something I must learn.. dagnabbit.

God has always sent little creatures to give me messages. Dolphins, a dragonfly, and now these silvery fish. I like his style

And I miss the ocean.

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  1. I like... :]
    Who wrote it?
    Hugs and Fair Winds (from Brazil).