Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rodney, the pain in my arse.

Well, a week after Brian and I got engaged the docs found a BENIGN growth on my pituitary. The growth, which I named Rodney, is about 9-11 cm and kinda wraps around my pituitary. The cure rate for this is 80-90%. The risk of mortality is only 1%. So this is not a life changer, just a damn big bump in the road.

Brian has been fantastic, taking care of me and making sure the Docs do their job. I will need surgery, which will be on the 6th of July by one of the leading pituitary surgeons in the country (thank God for the Houston Medical Center!). After the surgery and sufficient recovery time Brian and I are going to have a "Rodney is Toast" Party, which includes a burial at sea for the dearly departed Rodney (good riddance to the thug!).

Having said that, Brian and I got married!! :-) We wanted him to have more say in my treatment so we hot footed it down to the local courthouse and declared we were married. It was surprisingly romantic, but everything Brian does seems to be :-).So I am officially Mrs Bearden (hooray!). We will still have a big boat wedding aboard Rain Dog in on November 5th (parr-tay!)

Well that is our life in a nut shell right now. We are deliriously happy to have each other. I will update when I can.

Hope this finds everyone well.

Erika and Brian


  1. Congrats on the wedding. Boo Rodney.

  2. Good on the two of ya' becoming permanent crew! Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery, Erika! It will be good to deep-six Rodney and be on with your adventures together. Keep on posting!

  3. Thanks!! I have Limited Internet right now but hope to be up and running again soon. Brian and I have had some fun trips aboard Rain Dog the last few months, so I hope to catch up on the writing as soon as I can. Sabrina, the curtains are still working great, will post the updated project soon ( I haven't forgotten!).
    Thanks again for the well wishes.

  4. Married?! Congratulations to you both! We know everything will go well with Rodney's "eviction" and sending our best wishes your way!