Sunday, April 10, 2011

Damn Head

We bought a new Damnhead, that is what I am calling our new head (toilet) Damnhead. We paid over 800 dollars for it, installed it, then discovered the bolts were not tightened so it leaked. Plus it did not have the inlet hose to pipe fitting (standard on cheaper toilets) so we had to order that from groco (35 bucks!). So far not feeling the love for this head.

Even after adjusting the bolts it still leaked around one bolt (forward left)So I took it apart it appears to have some kind of liquid gasket around the rubber gasket.

Will call groco in the morning to see what they say. Would hate to have to change out the head.

On a brighter note we got our new anchor! Sweeeeeet, check it out.45lb Manson.

45lb manson and our old 35lb CQR.

Fit like a glove ;-)


  1. You got that right, here we are in the 21st century and the damn head technology stinks.