Sunday, March 6, 2011

New curtains!!

^Here is a picture of me making curtains :-) or rather my mum making curtains.

^Brian drilled a pilot hole at each end of the dowels for the brass tack that holds the bungee in place.

^the curtains can cover an open or closed port.

or rolled up out of the way for sunlight.

I made curtains this weekend for Rain Dog! Well actually, Mom made the curtains and I assembled the dowels and bungee to complete the project. Mom has attempted on several occasions to teach me the fine art of sewing but I just don't have the fortitude. As soon as she talks of hems and stitches my eyes glaze over, I get grumpy, and develope a rather negative disposition. So in the spirit of peace and good will towards man my mother made the curtains for Rain Dog. Beautiful! The design is simple. A dowel cut to length for the curtain rod. Upholstery tack at each end of the dowel to secure the bungee cord. Once assembled you simply wrap the bungee around the port so the bungee is around the hinges when port is open, or under the hinges when port is closed (see pics, it is hard to explain). No need to mount anything on the boat.





  1. How cool! When it comes to sewing, I'm just like you ... getting a bad attitude. However, I do have a stepmom that loves to sew ... hmm.

  2. Curtain idea is brilliant! I do most of the canvas projects on our various boats through the years. Those have all been accompanied by vast amounts of beer and swearing!
    Great blog. New follower.
    Sabrina & Tom
    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC
    our sailing blog