Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mermaid Picture

Brian hung my mermaid picture. The picture is hinged so we still have access to the shelves. Though we keep it down permanently, the table still folds up neatly for storage.
My mom cross stitched this mermaid during the completion of my parents circumnavigation aboard a Tartan 37 named "Tigger".


  1. Love the picture, and the shelving! We have a pull-down table, with no shelves behind it. Did ya'll build the shelves, or were they already there? We don't seem to have much room to add .. hmmm. BTW, what a nice way to keep a part of your mom with you!

  2. The shelves are factory. The only mod we made was removing the leaf from the table. Still need to find some brackets so we can still use it when needed.