Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Boat Parade party

Clear Lake was packed with party goers. The VHF was abuzz with securite and calls for tows. We were very glad we stayed land side for the parade. We also overheard a call to the CG about a fast moving 70 foot powerboat slamming into boats as it used its bow thrusters to "slalom" around the other vessels....crazy!

Some friends from my hospital came by the enjoy the parade. It was cold and windy!! Actually it was kinda funny, the weather was pretty quiet and benign until right at the start of the parade, then the wind shifted from the south to the north and ramped up to 30 knot gusts, seems to happen every year. The Lake is already very shallow at an average of 6 ft, when the north wind starts blowing all the water out.. well let's just say it makes for a lot of aground vessels.

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  1. I am so happy for you both. Erika, I was sorry we didn't get to see you before we left but we knew where you were and I am sooooooo happy for you. Brian is a lucky fella. We are in Destin, Fla waiting out the cold front that is due in tomorrow. We are Bahama Bound. I really don't want to lose touch. Your a special lady and but you two are an awesome couple!!!!
    Sea Yawl Later.